About the Authors

This blog is written by two authors, Lauren and Kaye.

A note from Lauren:

I am a science teacher with a BS in Animal Science from Texas A&M University and a Masters in Educational Psychology from the University of North Texas. I am married with three children, and have been using essential oils for several years. I love teaching and learning about essential oils, especially the science behind how they work best. I hope to share some information about using oils I’ve learned over the past few years.

A note from Kaye:

I am excited to share with you some of the information I have been learning about Essential Oils.

I am a Texas Retired Elementary School teacher. I have 3 grandchildren, whom I keep full time while my son and daughter in law (see Lauren above) work. I have a fourth grandchild who unfortunately lives out of state.

For the last three years we have been traveling down a different path in addressing our family’s health. Essential Oils have empowered us to make informed decisions. It is an interesting study. I am reading everything I can get my hands on about Oils. This blog will allow me to share some of what I have learned. I will share what I am learning by summarizing what I have found in my research.

I am not a doctor. Please consult your doctor about your medical concerns. Just be aware that there are choices you can make. I feel 20 years younger! We are rarely ill, and we are confident we can make informed choices when it comes to making health care decisions. I love teaching families about Essential Oils and the benefits they can experience.


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