How Essential Oils Save You Money

Essential Oils How I Saved Money (2)As the holiday season is upon us, everyone is thinking about ways to save money. Essential oils can be a great way to not only improve your health, but also save you money.

  1. Expiration dates- Ever gone to grab that bottle of pills, only to discover it expired over a year ago? That means it has to get thrown out and you’ll buy some more, take a few, then throw those away when they expire too. Essential oils, on the other hand, have an official 10 year expiration date, though many people believe they don’t have an expiration. Think of all the money you save by not throwing away all the medication. Peppermint can be substituted for headache and fever reducing medication; ginger can be used for upset stomachs; lavender can be used for bug bites, sting and bruises; eucalyptus can be used for stuffy noses and seasonal allergies.
  2. Reduce doctor’s visits (especially those late night ones): Have you ever been woken up in the middle of night by your own body, your spouse or your kids with a complaint? I know I have- more times than I care to count. I love having essential oils in my home, because it gives me the ability to do something before I feel like I have to go to a doctor. Late night ear infection- rub basil or melaleuca behind the ear, and put on a cotton ball in the ear. Late night fever- peppermint on the forehead, back of the neck and along the spine.
  3. DIY- From household cleaners to laundry detergent, deodorant to soap, there are tons of do it yourself recipes out there that will allow you to not only save money by using a few drops of an essential oil, but will also help you family be healthier by reducing your reliance on toxic chemicals. Lemon oils makes a great cleaning product, and melaleuca prevents lice and reduces germs that cause underarm odor.

While I’m sure you’ll come up with a few of your own ideas for saving money, these are things I do on a regular basis that make me so thankful for my essential oils.

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*These claims have not be evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have serious health concerns, consult a doctor- and bring your oils with you! You never know which doctors will be willing to help you take a more natural approach to health care!

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