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Power of Aroma

THE POWER of AROMA- One of the most well-studied areas of aroma research is the effect of smell on EMOTIONS and MOOD.
For example, there is convincing evidence demonstrating that simply inhaling the AROMA of an ESSENTIAL OIL is effective for calming nervous or anxious feelings in a variety of settings.

The SMELL receptors located on the upper surface of the nasal cavity make direct links with the limbic system of the brain, an area that governs the body’s EMOTIONAL responses. Continue reading

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Perfumes with Essential Oils

Perfumes are amazing, as they can evoke emotions or trigger an attraction between two people. However, many people are sensitive to fragrances and do not use any kind of scented sprays or lotions. Sensitivities are actually caused by the synthetic chemicals used in perfumes, which companies are not required to disclose to consumers. If you’ve tried perfumes before and experienced headaches or skin reactions, try using a perfume made from essential oils. Continue reading

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Diffusers are an easy, and awesome, way to experience the benefits of essential oils. Let’s look at how they work and why you should use them. Continue reading

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