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Emergency Preparedness

83% of Americans live in a place vulnerable to natural disaster. Tornadoes, Floods, Volcanos,… most areas have something that threatens to disrupt normal life. Even if you live in a safe area, terrorist threats have made us all more aware of how quickly life can change. I keep Essential Oils. The hospitals are reserved for emergencies. I like to know I can handle many basic needs with a few important Essential Oils: Continue reading

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To Dilute or Not to Dilute?

To Dilute or Not to Dilute? That is the Question. That is the question frequently for everyone who uses essential oils, but we need to understand how and why we dilute essential oils to know when it is appropriate to do so. Continue reading

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Cats and Essential Oils

Cats and Essential Oils- We are determined to approach our cat’s, and our other family member’s, health issues in the most natural ways possible. That means we start with high quality pure Essential Oils. Continue reading

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